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Quality Chain

Quality as a Service (QaaS) has at least two users: the administrator and end user. In practice, the Quality employee is often the administrator and the one that is doning "something" will be the user. The manager is actually the only one who knows QaaS, the end user will probably never see anything of QaaS. This is because the employee will be faced with a screen that has your existing layout and is offered in a place that you have chosen.
This chosen location does not necessarily have to be QaaS, but can also be a location on the Internet or your intranet. When the administrator creates QaaS screens, they will be given a unique URL. Do you make use of YouTube? Each film on this site has a unique URL, which can be copied and pasted to another location. After refreshing the page where the movie is "pasted" it looks like the movie is at the new location, but in reality, the film still is on YouTube.
Connecting people
QaaS also uses this technique. After pasting the QaaS URL into a blank page the screen looks like part of your current situation, but in reality, this is "on" QaaS. The moment that something happens to the screen, the storage will automatically take place on QaaS at that moment. You can use this URL obviously simultaneously in different "locations" which will enable you increase the accessibility of the screen.
The chance that an employee can not find a screen or does not understand this is almost nil. This functionality also offers the advantage that you are able to make both internal staff and external parties, location, device and time-independent part of the handling of your Quality Chain(s). Probably you have noticed, but a Quality Chain is the Quality as a Service naming for your current mini-application(s).
Better and easier
A Quality Chain contains besides this feature very many possibilities which will not only increase your daily earnings, but also ensures a better and more simple connection between your colleagues, suppliers and / or customers. See what opportunities a Quality Chain can offer you more.
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