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Automatic Language Selection
All screens (including the Chains) are offered in four languages​​, namely Dutch, English, German and French. The language initially on the screen depends on your geographic location /language setting in your browser.
No limit on users
You can create as many users as possible (Fair Use Policy) provided they have the same email domain as the root user. At the time you want to add users that are not covered by the main domain you can make use the of Linked User option.
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Continuous overview
The Notification Center offers a real-time overview of your open processes and actions. You have not been in QaaS for a while ? No problem. QaaS will send you a daily email when you have to do something.
Connect people
To collect information, we use online Chains, which are to be created once or copied from the library. The Chains can be equipped with various types of questions, controls and all of course with a private format. Creation of the Chains requires no technical knowledge.
Determine collection sites
The Chains can be "put" on more places (collection sites). A single location would therefore can be your intranet, internet or a website of your provider. The only thing the manager has to do is placing the unique QaaS code (URL) on the various collection sites or to send it to suppliers, customers or other external partners.
Monitor, present and show
Communication with persons who are designated by the administrator take place using email. Sending e-mail is fully automated and takes place when someone is supposed to be doing something or when someone is designated to receive notifications.
Insight in all
The opening page is your personal dashboard. In the dashboard you can immediately see the status at a glance. The screen displays the recent changes regarding Auditing, Notifications, File, Library, News, and your associated persons.
Adding files
A Windows Explorer provides a possibility to include supporting files. You are able to create an unlimited number of folders and upload files via an upload button.
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