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Welcome to the CeneSam Lab!

The CeneSam Lab is a virtual research area where CeneSam researches (technological) innovations. The business purpose of the CeneSam Lab is to add the research on Quality as a Service. In practice the human purpose is just as important. It is also fun and interesting to engage with both continuous innovations and new developments.
Do you have a Lab suggestion?

For (potential) users it is possible to exploit the capacity of the CeneSam Lab. Do you have such a software problem and/ or are you looking for development capacity (.NET, Office Automation or Progress)? Please feel free to contact us. At this moment the lab is (and has been) working on the following projects.

iPhone & iPad App
Status: In progress
Goal: It should be possible to use QaaS with an iPhone and/ or iPad App
Practice: Install the QaaS app via the App Store and logon with current details
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