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Quality as a Service Partner

CeneSam is a partner driven organization. We prefer to work with partners to provide customers the best possible solution. When you recognize the added value of Quality as a Service for your customer or clients, we offer you the opportunity to register as a QaaS partner. Based on your unique QaaS Partner ID, new users need to identify themselves when they register on the website. If your QaaS Partner ID is used, it offers you several advantages. So please contact us today to channel these additional benefits!
Your expertise in Quality as a Service
Take advantage of the capabilities of Quality as a Service to offer your expertise in a professional manner to your customers.
Via your existing website
The open structure of Quality as a service makes it possible to offer your expertise directly from your website.
No fee
A Quality as a Service partner pays no fee to use the capabilities of Quality as a Service.
Quality as a Service Partner Fee
Ask about the possibilities to receive a Fee when you register as a QaaS partner.
QaaS implementation partners
CeneSam technology partners
CeneSam social partner
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