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The information on this website is handled with care, yet the accuracy and completeness can not be guaranteed. CeneSam provides through this website only information about products and services offered by ComplainService. Changes can be made without prior notice. CeneSam accepts no responsibility for any improper functioning of this website. CeneSam accepts no liability for errors and omissions in the information contained on the website of CeneSam and rates. Although CeneSam will do everything in its power to prevent abuse, CeneSam is not responsible for information and / or messages that users of the website are sent via Internet. Links to sites not maintained by CeneSam are purely to inform the visitor. Although CeneSam extremely is selective on the sites referred to, it can not guarantee the content and operation of, or the quality of any products and / or services offered on those sites. Any liability relating to sites not maintained by CeneSam be rejected.
Fair Use Policy
The Fair Use Policy (FUP) for CeneSam means that when we use our subscriptions no set data limit, but we look at the average use of the connection/ storage. This should be reasonable. As long as your use does not create nuisance for other users, the limit is not exceeded.
Terms of Delivery
CeneSam performs its activities under the terms of ICT ~ Office (Trade Association for IT, Telecom, Internet and Businesses Offices in the Netherlands). The following modules of these conditions are applicable on our products and services: "General Module" , "Module 1 Software License" , "Module 2 Development of Software" , "Module 3 Maintenance of Software" , "Module 4 Application Service provision, software as a service and computer service" , "Module 7 Outsourcing Services" and "Module 9 Advice, consultancy and project management". We have included the modules in a Zip file. You can download the file using the following link . The terms and conditions themselves are offered in PDF format.
CeneSam attaches great importance to the processing of your personal information in a way consistent with the existing safeguards to protect your privacy. CeneSam asks only for your personal information if necessary for the provision of our services, or if we in the context of marketing activities personally would want to approach.
CeneSam uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that is transmitted by a Web page. It is used by your browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. CeneSam makes use of cookies in two ways. First, cookies make it possible to remember your settings. These include your login name, language but also the way a page is presented. This offers the advantage that you do not have to provide these settings on each visit. In addition, cookies are used to track the pages you have visited. From this we can deduce which part of the website has been consulted. You always have the option to delete cookies from your hard disk. You can also disable cookies through your browser. Please consult the manual of your browser. Disabling cookies may affect functioning of the website. Disabling cookies has no effect on the computer and browser on which you perform this operation. If you use multiple browsers or computers, repeat this operation as often as necessary. This page has been updated on Wednesday, June 13, 2012.
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